Team Performance Inventory

Team Performance Inventory

Equip and Empower your Teams to Become High Performance Teams

Today’s teams, more that ever before, need to know what they do well and what they need to improve. But even more essential is to know how far the team needs to go and how to get there in order to reach its optimal performance.

The Team Performance Inventory is a comprehensive resource for assessing a team’s stage of performance, for conducting and facilitating team-building, and for access to relevant resources for ongoing personal and team development.

The Team Performance Inventory provides:

  • Valuable insights into a team’s unique dynamics and performance behaviors.
  • A process for team members to explore their interactions.
  • A developmental roadmap with milestones and practical action steps.
  • Methods for detecting and addressing points of vulnerability within teams.
  • Ways to build a climate that promotes trust and understanding among team members.
  • Suggestions for identifying the steps that can be taken to improve effectiveness.
  • Techniques for evaluating member commitment to the team and ideas for strengthening team-player behaviors.
  • Effective methods for working through task and relationship issues.
  • Suggestions for making team development an ongoing process.
  • Ways to identify the goals that can bring value to the organization and its stakeholders.
  • Team Performance Inventory can be used effectively with any collaborative group,whether a workgroup, a department, or an entire organizational unit.

Details –

  • This Workshop can be experienced in a Full Day format.
  • This Workshop includes –
    • Team Performance Inventory Self Assessment tool for up to 5 participants. (8 pages)
      • This 40-item inventory measures:
      • Interpersonal behaviors that highlight potential tensions within the team in areas of conflict, communications, shared values, and feedback
      • The preferred approach to task accomplishment that identifies symptoms of nonperformance as well as earmarks of achievement of task accomplishment.
      • The influence of the team leader’s style on outcomes which benches the leader’s current style with a preferred leader style associated with each stage of performance.
  • Team Performance Inventory Participant Workbook for up to 5 participants. (112 pages)
    • Designed to work within the context of Team Performance Inventory Workshop, The Team Performance Inventory Participant Workbook introduces the four stages of team performance, includes team and individual development plans, and numerous exercises for improving team performance.
  • Fully facilitated experience for you and your team.
    • No worries for you. You just add space, people and a few supplies.
  • Add additional participants for a nominal fee.

Cost –

Full Day Leadership Development Workshop – $1149

Additional Participant fee – $99.50 each

Prices do not include travel expenses and associated travel costs if neccesary.  Contact me with question about travel, I can come to you for cheap.

Have questions? Need more info? Call me at 404-941-5867 or click here to send an inquiry.

(The Team Performance Inventory Material can also be used as a Growth Track in a 1 on 1 Leadership [Coaching] Environment. Contact me for further details.) And don’t forget to check out my [Endorsements]
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