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Learn to Truly Encourage The Heart of Your Team and Volunteers

The Encouraging the Heart Workshop is designed to introduce anyone in a leadership role to the seven essential skills of Encouraging the Heart and to give them the opportunity to assess their own ability in this leadership practice.

Participants will also receive information on continuing self-development in the Encouraging the Heart essentials and a tool for gaining the understanding and skills for applying this practice in their own roles as leaders.

By the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Use the information from an assessment tool, The Encouragement Index, to understand their ability to Encourage the Heart
  • Describe the seven essentials of Encouraging the Heart
  • Describe ways for implementing one or more essentials in their own roles as leaders
  • Draft action plans for improving their ability to Encourage the Heart

The workshop uses interactive and experiential learning activities, including self-assessment and small- and large-group sharing and discussion. Many activities take a reflective learning approach in which learners review past experiences to generate fresh insights that can be applied when learning new ideas. Using this approach creates a deeper and more meaningful learning experience.

The workshop activities are designed to help leaders use the information from The Encouragement Index to understand their ability to Encourage the Heart, implement some of the Encouraging the Heart essentials in their own roles as leaders, and draft action plans for continuing self-development in Encouraging the Heart. There are lessons and positive examples of how actual leaders implement each of the seven essentials in the accompanying Encouraging the Heart Workbook.

Details –

  • This Workshop can be experienced in a 1/2 Day or Full Day format.
  • This Workshop includes –
    • The Encouragement Index assessment tool for up to 5 participants. (16 pages)
      • The Encouragement Index, a 21-item survey that measures how frequently a leader engages in encouraging behavior. It is designed to be a personal development tool which will give leaders an idea of their strengths and opportunities for improvement in the practice of Encouraging the Heart.
    • The Encouraging the Heart Workbook for up to 5 participants. (120 pages)
      • Designed to work within the context of The Encouraging the Heart Workshop, The Encouraging the Heart Workbook helps you understand the seven essentials of Encouraging the Heart and then develop within yourself the qualities of a true leader—one who recognizes your people’s contributions, celebrates their values and victories, and “Encourages the Heart” of your team to achieve superior results.
    • Fully facilitated experience for you and your team.
      • No worries for you. You just add space, people and a few supplies.
  • Add additional participants for a nominal fee.

Cost –

1/2  Day Leadership Development Workshop – $749

Additional participant fee – $75 each

Full Day Leadership Development Workshop – $1049

Additional Participant fee – $67.50 each

Prices do not include travel expenses and associated travel costs if neccesary.  Contact me with question about travel, I can come to you for cheap.

Have questions? Need more info? Call me at 404-941-5867 or click here to send an inquiry.

(The Encouraging the Heart Material can also be used as a Growth Track in a 1 on 1 Leadership [Coaching] Environment. Contact me for further details.) And don’t forget to check out my [Endorsements]
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