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Not a Church? Not a  Problem – I also partner with ministries, non profits and faith based organizations

Have you ever had that uneasy feeling that you just weren’t seeing something that was right in front of you? Ever felt like it could be really beneficial to have “a fresh pair of eyes” take a look at your current situation and provide some honest feedback?

I have had tons of experience working as an entrepreneur  in the private sector, working with leadership teams in the non profit sector and working along side ministry leaders in Church plants and established Churches.

Together we could move you forward by diving into:

Strategic Planning:

  • Often times leaders are well gifted in the areas of vision casting, motivating people and creating movement. Unfortunately, a deficit can sometimes exist in the areas of strategic planning and implementation, setting – measuring – and tracking goals and what I call “intentional future mapping”. Don’t feel bad, it is much more common than you think and it can be overcome.

Programs and Services Evaluation:

  • With all of the effort that you put in to provide a great experience through your organization, what are you missing? A few small strategic adjustments may go along way towards you accomplishing your mission.

Team Building and Dynamics Evaluation:

  • Having the right team members, in the right positions at the right time – is absolutely critical to your performance as an organization.  Do you currently have a strategic and intentional system in place to measure that?

Internal Systems and Structures Evaluation:

  • You are well aware that strong and well thought out systems could improve every area of your organization. But, knowing that and making it happen are usually separated by a great distance. Are your systems as solid as they could be?

Branding or Re-Branding and Promotional Systems:

  • You have an image and you make a first impression that is supported by your ongoing communications efforts. Are you representing your organization in a way that speaks to your target audience with purpose?

What will the process look like that will empower you to move forward in these areas?

  • Assessment, Discovery and Diagnostic phase
    • A series of online and paper assessments and face to face interviews will be utilized to discover what the current condition of the organization is today. This is the part of the process that will peel back the curtain to expose and prioritize the mission for the following phases.
  • Goal Setting phase
    • We will analyze the gathered information and determine realistic objectives to reach for in the short term and long term, based on priority. We clarify and create a working game plan.
  • Prescription phase
    • We will determine the path and methods for accomplishing the goals. I will make a variety of unbiased recommendations custom fitted for your organization. This phase will put your vision to the test and challenge you to really do the things that it takes to achieve it.
  • Implementation phase
    • You and your team will carry out the prescription for success. As your Coach, I we will be there to provide energy, guidance and motivation. You will watch yourself and your team grow as momentum builds toward success.
  • Results Tracking Phase
    • Together we will debrief as progression is made to determine subtle nuances, redirects or tweaks that will better define and implement success.
  • Regeneration Phase
    • We will start the process again to determine the next level of priority and maximum impact. Like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, we will go back and put new pieces in their proper place until the final product is accomplished.
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