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A Deeper Look into 7 Insights We Can Model from The Leadership Journey of Jesus – #7 – Reward

This is the 8th post in an ongoing series on the leadership journey of Jesus. You can find the introductory article here, and review others below:

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Often times in leadership we ask ourselves, as the disciples did, “what will be my reward for all of this hard work in the end?”. It is a fair question and one that Jesus knew needed attention and an answer. Reward is available, and it may look different than we thought.

Reward: Jesus was willing and purposeful to reward and honor those who he nurtured and those who sought to align with Him. However, whatever reward they, and we have experienced so far, is a far cry from the eternal reward He has promised to the faithful.

Without doubt Jesus provided reward for the disciples who followed Him and for us who follow Him still today. We have experienced the abundant life that He so desperately wanted to provide for us and made His mission to accomplish. Just knowing Him as Saviour is reward enough above all things. But outside of the eternal significance of our relationship with Christ, He also modeled another very important reward that we should seek. Multiplication through investment.

Our great reward on the leadership journey is not measured in the benefit we receive, but in the growth that is nurtured in another and their ability to duplicate the process.

As was the journey of Jesus, our road to reward is filled with frustration, suffering and pain as well. The reward found during the leadership journey itself pales in comparison to the reward realized in catalyzing a legacy of leadership that multiplies exponentially as a result.

The reward we must seek, is only to be found in the fully met potential that is discovered and developed by those who we have transferred our leadership equity into. There truly is greater reward in giving than receiving and the benefit is compounded when we are investing in people.

Jesus, after the resurrection, was able to refocus the mission for His disciples with clear intent – from here forward, develop others, seek them out, invest in them, support them – feed my sheep. Your current and future reward is found in the impact that is made in the lives of those you influence. In a strange twist of fate on the leadership Journey of Jesus, we discover that our greatest reward is not a personal felt need fulfilled, but a calling accomplished and lives changed around us.

Jesus was fully motivated by the restoration and growth of others as a result of His leadership. That was the defined and desired outcome. The legacy of His leadership is to provide others with a means to experience full awareness, proper alignment, a right perspective and then the ability to transfer that to another through authentic relationship upheld with genuine support. That reality is the reward. The multiplication of the leadership journey. The development and maximization of potential in the lives of those around us for the sake of the Kingdom. There is no greater reward!

  • How are you experiencing this ultimate reward in the fulfillment of your own mission and calling?
  • How have you been defining your level of reward on your leadership journey?
  • What does the current culture and worldview tell us we should be rewarded with?
  • How will we find strength for the journey in light of the call to temporal suffering in exchange for Kingdom legacy?
  • How does the idea of reward by osmosis affect our thinking and motivation?

I would love to hear your thoughts on this.

A Deeper Look into 7 Insights We Can Model from The Leadership Journey of Jesus – #6 – Support

This is the 7th post in an ongoing series on the leadership journey of Jesus. You can find the introductory article here, and review others below:

#1 – Awareness – click here
#2 – Alignment – click here
#3 – Perspective – click here
#4 – Relationship – click here
#5 – Transfer – click here

In previous weeks we have seen the Leadership Journey of Jesus unfolding in it’s intentionality. This week we land where most people would feel that Jesus has impacted their life the most. Support is what most of us can identify with directly and personally in our relationship with Jesus.

Support: Jesus knew how to empower others, stretch them beyond their self imposed limitations and support them from a place of genuine love and care. Even in the midst of failure and lack of focus, Jesus found a way to nurture His followers. Nurture, care and concern had it’s purposed effect because it was completely genuine and honest.

Just as Jesus demonstrated, offering support to those who we have chosen to transfer our leadership equity to is imperative to their success. People have access to non supportive information all around them. Books, videos and blogs all offer information minus support. The abilty to unlocking someone’s full potential is in direct correlation with the level of support they receive in the process.

Genuine support provides learners with the ability to rightly adjust and compensate as they acquire new skills and tools. There is an old adage that says “practice makes perfect” but reality says “only perfect practice makes perfect”. A musician may have the ability to play directly from a sheet of music a piece they have never been exposed to before. But, inevitably if left on their own, they will make it their own. Drawing from their own experience and technique. If they continue in this way, alone, then habits will be formed. That “uniqueness” that has been formed will not be exposed until the day comes when they are asked to play the same piece together with others in an orchestral setting. Then it is easy to see that this “uniqueness” of interpretation is a deficit and not an asset.

Often times in leadership, followers are asked to practice and play their instrument alone, and then they get chastised when the orchestra sounds off beat. It is the leader’s responsibility to walk along side of each player in the orchestra and insure that they are developing big picture skills that benefit not only themselves, but everyone around them.

To truly support as Jesus did means that we help people develop their personal strengths, confront their self imposed barriers and broaden their Kingdom and ministry influence. But primarily we never forsake them to do it alone. Because being left alone causes inevitable drift and a negative change of trajectory.

What causes us to default to “aloneness” when it comes to our leadership of others? Why do we operate alone and tend to leave others alone to develop themselves? If we are brutally honest, it may be that we just don’t care enough. We don’t see the value of truly investing in someone or allowing someone to truly invest in us. If we did really value it, wouldn’t we do it? If we find ourselves in the place of disinterest and lack of motivation to support others, then we need to address that as an awareness and alignment issue and re calibrate our perspective to rightly match that of Jesus. Jesus allowed Himself to be led and he valued others enough to lead them well with genuine support and care. His motivation, love, reconciliation, restoration and multiplication. Jesus  longed to see others walking on the same Leadership Journey that He was on. Do we long for that too?

  • In what ways are you providing genuine support to those around you on the Leadership Journey?
  • Are the members of your team learning to play an instrument or play in the orchestra?
  • What would it look like for you to provide a more supportive environment to your followers?
  • What motivates you to provide support for those around you?
  • How are you allowing yourself to be genuinely supported by others?
  • Every investment has a cost, what price are you willing to pay to offer Kingdom support to someone?

I would love to hear your comments and feedback.

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