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What to Expect from The Process of Christian Coaching for your Leadership Development

Setting Goals for your Leadership Development is Crucial to the Success of your Leadership Health and GrowthHow do we do this process together? You and your Leadership will embark on a process that will be defined by the following basic Christ Centered objectives.

Assessment, Discovery and Diagnostic phase

A series of online and paper assessments and Session interviews will be utilized as determined to discover what the current condition of the Organization and Leadership needs is currently. This is the part of the process that will peel back the curtain to expose and prioritize the mission for the following phases.

Goal Setting phase

We will analyze the gathered information and determine realistic objectives to reach for in the short term and long term, based on priority. We clarify and create a working game plan to facilitate health and growth for your Leadership needs.

Prescription phase

Healthy Leaders don't happen by accident. It takes Intentional and Strategic Action Steps to get there.We will determine the path and methods for accomplishing the Leadership goals. I may make a variety of unbiased recommendations custom fitted for your growth needs, but the emphasis for growth will come from what God has placed in your own heart. This phase will put your Leadership vision to the test and challenge you to really do the things that it takes to achieve it.

Implementation phase

You and your team will carry out the prescriptions for success. As your Christian Leadership Coach I will be there to provide energy, guidance and motivation. You will watch yourself and your team grow as momentum builds toward success for your Organization.

Results Tracking Phase

Having a Clear Vision and a Blueprint for Success for your Leadership Development can be supported through Christian Leadership Coaching.Together we will debrief as progression is made to determine subtle nuances, redirects or tweaks that will better define and implement success.

Regeneration Phase

We will start the process again to determine the next level of priority and maximum impact. Like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, we will go back and put new pieces in their proper place until the final product is accomplished.

As your Christian Leadership Coach I will:

  • Focus my efforts on bringing out your maximum personal, team and Ministry potential as you Lead others.
  • Listen intentionally to the Vision that God has given you and provide practical recommendations and Coaching to get you and your COrganization there.
  • Advance a mindset for discovering the most efficient and effective use of your Ministry and personal resources.
  • Promote innovation and inspiration through a new and unbiased perspective and Coaching Skills.
  • Provide you with the truth in love that others have held back because they fear the consequences.
  • Be an advocate for challenging ingrained Ministry and personal behaviors that have proven ineffective.
  • Invite you and your team to move forward in a more intentional, strategic and disciplined manner.
  • Maintain the highest level of personal integrity, honesty and openness at all times.
  • Pray for you and your Organization and the process of growth regularly and specifically.
  • Commit to being prepared and on-time for all aspects of the Coaching process.
  • Be friendly, courteous and professional when interacting with you or your team, but driven for progress.

The key to a successful Coaching relationship is more about your own willingness to grow than it is about my ability to create a direction for solutions.

The truth is that even the best coaches can not force success on a team that isn’t willing to be directed. To be perfectly candid, a Christian Leadership Coaching relationship will only be successful if the team or individual being coached desires growth, gives permission for the Coach to direct, is willing to listen and has a desire to do the work necessary for the win.

To make this relationship truly successful my expectation from you is as follows:

  • Be open to a new perspective from someone on the outside.
  • Acknowledge that there are areas of your life and ministry execution that could be improved.
  • Give permission to your Coach to do and say what is needed to accomplish your growth goals as a Christian Leader.
  • Pray for direction and that God would provide wisdom and a teachable spirit to each person involved in the process including your Coach.
  • Be completely honest and forthright when answering questions in the Assessment, Discovery and Diagnostic phase. Lack of information here will hurt the entire process and could hinder the growth and health of your Leadership.
  • Be willing to make hard decisions that will impact others.
  • Be prepared to hear the question “Tell me why you do this the way that you do it?” and others like it often.
  • Understand that you may be directed out of your comfort zone into new areas of Ministry and personal development.
  • Approach this process with excitement and anticipation of what God is doing and avoid cynicism.
  • Have realistic expectations about your Coach’s role. They are there to help you and your Ministry succeed from within, not to bring success to you in a pre-packaged formula from the outside.

Remember, the enemy of God has made it his goal to bring you down and take you out of the game. He is willing to use any method, has inexhaustible amounts of energy and is driven with a laser beam focus on one objective… the complete and utter failure of your ministry as soon as possible. Are you willing to put forth your very best effort to make sure that doesn’t happen? The Victory is already yours in Christ if you will simply do what it takes to go get it.

The Coaching process will usually require the following from your schedule:

  • Some short homework in the form of self paced questionnaires and surveys or journaling.
  • Suggested short readings, curriculum or resources to guide the process.
  • A consistent and ongoing Coaching Session schedule to track progress.
  • Some limited phone and / or email communication.

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