A Deeper Look into 7 Insights We Can Model from The Leadership Journey of Jesus – Conclusion and Final Challenge

This is the 9th and final post in an ongoing series on the leadership journey of Jesus. You can find the introductory article here, and review others below:

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It has been such an exciting and fulfilling journey over these past few weeks for me as we have taken a deeper look into the Leadership Journey of Jesus. God has really used this time of exploring and unpacking these insights as a catalyst to truly change the trajectory of my thinking and my ministry.

Here are some of the highlights from the previous week’s posts that we have uncovered:

The natural consequence of living the leadership model that Jesus lived is influence and followers.

Because we have the power of the Holy Spirit in us through Christ, we can live out the leadership model of Jesus.

Awareness simply means to have knowledge. To understand reality. To be able to rightly interpret the truths of your situation. Awareness comes first in the Leadership Journey because it sets the course for all aspects to follow.

Unfortunately, the opposite of awareness is ignorance or denial. Which means by default, if you are not intentionally pursuing clarity and awareness, then you may be inadvertently promoting your own personal ignorance and state of prolonged denial.

The natural overflow of understanding reality, is the question “What will I now do with the truth that I now know?”. Having a high level of awareness is no good to the leader who has a low level of reaction to the truth.

Alignment can be defined and labeled as many things: submission, obedience, allegiance, calibration, positioning. But, ultimately it is choosing to completely and wholly agree with and cooperate with the calling that God has placed on you as a leader – on His terms and His terms alone.

In the Leadership Journey, perspective is a state of mind, not a skill to be mastered.

Realistic expectations are a natural overflow of a right perspective.

Without the proper point of view we will find ourselves arriving at a location not in our best interest, or God’s will.

You will ultimately always travel within the parameters of your current perspective.

Awareness happens in the mind, alignment happens in the soul and perspective follows the heart.

The big miss at the higher levels of ministry seems to be, not in relationship quality, but in relationship intentionality.

True leaders add value to everyone they come in contact with, but they are intentional about who they transfer leadership equity to.

Being willing to take on responsibility is different than being willing to lead. We often end up recruiting people who will “do” tasks instead of “be” leaders.

Jesus purposefully transferred everything that others needed from Himself to them, with intentionality.

In the leadership development relationship we are making an intentional decision to invest energy and cultivate leadership potential in another person.

Everyone has some level of leadership equity that is currently being transferred whether they realize it or not. Good leaders transfer good equity, bad leaders transfer bad equity.

The ultimate leadership gift Jesus gave to His closest followers was transparency wrapped in intentionality paired with an invitation to fulfill their full potential and become something and someone that they were truly created to become.

Jesus knew how to empower others, stretch them beyond their self imposed limitations and support them from a place of genuine love and care.

The ability to unlocking someone’s full potential is in direct correlation with the level of support they receive in the process.

To truly support as Jesus did means that we help people develop their personal strengths, confront their self imposed barriers and broaden their Kingdom and ministry influence. But primarily we never forsake them to do it alone.

Outside of the eternal significance of our relationship with Christ, He also modeled another very important reward that we should seek. Multiplication through investment.

Our great reward on the leadership journey is not measured in the benefit we receive, but in the growth that is nurtured in another and their ability to duplicate the process.

Your current and future reward is found in the impact that is made in the lives of those you influence.

In a strange twist of fate on the leadership Journey of Jesus, we discover that our greatest reward is not a personal felt need fulfilled, but a calling accomplished and lives changed around us.

Jesus was fully motivated by the restoration and growth of others as a result of His leadership. That was the defined and desired outcome. The legacy of His leadership is to provide others with a means to experience full awareness, proper alignment, a right perspective and then the ability to transfer that to another through authentic relationship upheld with genuine support.

The Final Challenge

The final challenge is simple, what will you do next in your own leadership journey?

If you have taken the time to read through this series, then I am sure that as the Holy Spirit has done for me, He has also done for you. He has raised new awareness. The challenge then comes in the response. How will you align with what God has revealed to you through this series. By choosing to align with Him your perspective will be set on His will for your future and a great leadership journey ahead. What will you do today that will chart a new course in your leadership?

I would love to hear your feedback on this series. Please leave a comment and let’s keep the conversation going.

About Ken McGarity

With vast experience as a successful entrepreneur and active in ministry leadership for many years, Ken McGarity is most recently engaged as a Church Growth Consultant and Strategist, as well as Christian Leadership Coach to today’s up and coming Christian leaders.

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