A Deeper Look into 7 Insights We Can Model from The Leadership Journey of Jesus – #1 – Awareness

Last week we took a high altitude view of the Leadership Journey of Jesus. After continuing to pray through and absorb all that God is teaching me on this issue and receiving some positive feedback on the original post, I thought it would be beneficial to take the next few weeks to expand on the earlier discussion.

As a refresher, the 7 Insights of Jesus’ leadership Journey that we can Model are the following:


You can find the post that gave the short descriptions of each here.

Now to get right into the first Leadership Insight We Can Model – Awareness.

Awareness: Jesus understood His role and Position. He understood who God was and what He was trying to accomplish. He had clarity of God’s will for Him and intentionality of focus in living it out.

Awareness simply means to have knowledge. To understand reality. To be able to rightly interpret the truths of your situation. Awareness comes first in the Leadership Journey because it sets the course for all aspects to follow. Even a great leader saddled with an unclear picture of the truth can at best be considered as the blind leading the blind. Clarity and understanding are not only beneficial, they are imperative and necessary for the Leadership Journey.

So often Leaders don’t begin there Journey with a true sense of clarity and understanding, but rather an experience based self imposed reality. I am not talking about clarity of the future, but instead clarity of identity, in and through, Jesus. Abraham did not have a clear picture of the details of his future, but he did have awareness of his role and relationship in the Father’s plan. As a Leader, before you begin your Leadership Journey, you must make sure that you are leading from a place of heightened Spiritual awareness.

Abraham and Jesus both knew the most important things that we all need to be aware of in our own Leadership Journeys.

  • The Creator: Where did all that I see around me originate and for what reason?
  • Personal Identity: Who am I specifically, and who has God uniquely created me to be?
  • Position: What reference and position should I maintain in relationship to the Creator?
  • Purpose: Why did God uniquely create me and for what reason?
  • Values: Where should I look to determine what is, or is not, meaningful in my life?
  • Truth: What authority should I turn to and rely on for truth and ongoing honest direction?
  • Past: What has God being orchestrating in history and in my life up until now?
  • Present: What is God doing currently around me today?
  • Future: Where will God be and what does He desire in the days to come?
  • Resources: Who is responsible for providing the assets that I need to survive and thrive?
  • Resolve: What will my response be when called into action by God?
  • Cost: What price am I willing to pay to uphold truth, justice and righteousness?

When you look at this list of questions, where do you see gaps in your awareness? Think especially intently about Personal Identity (in my opinion the number one derailing weakness found in most leaders) , Purpose, Resolve and Cost.

Often times leaders struggle with clarity on these issues and many others. Unfortunately moving forward with a leadership initiative outside of a solid foundation of awareness in these areas will almost always conclude in very limited results and more often than not, complete failure.

What are you doing today to dig deeply into the area of increasing your personal and spiritual awareness? Leadership must begin with self-leadership. Unfortunately, the opposite of awareness is ignorance or denial. Which means by default, if you are not intentionally pursuing clarity and awareness, then you may be inadvertently promoting your own personal ignorance and state of prolonged denial. That is a sobering thought.

What are your thoughts or insights on this subject. I would love to hear your feedback.

About Ken McGarity

With vast experience as a successful entrepreneur and active in ministry leadership for many years, Ken McGarity is most recently engaged as a Church Growth Consultant and Strategist, as well as Christian Leadership Coach to today’s up and coming Christian leaders.

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