The Leadership Journey of Jesus – 7 Insights We Can Model

There is no greater example of leadership modeled than Jesus. There is nothing written of leadership and no new concept developed that can’t be first found in the life and intentional leadership journey of Jesus.

Although leadership is often thought of as simply a set of skills that can be used by a person in leadership situations or an internal quality that some either have or don’t have, in reality it is a way of being and a way of choosing to live life. The natural consequence of living the leadership model that Jesus lived is influence and followers. So often we make followers and influence the focus, when we would be better served by understanding that they are most effectively gathered by consequence of and as a result of living and leading as Jesus did. Because Jesus and all that He is, is ultimately attractive.

Because we have the power of the Holy Spirit in us through Christ, we can live out the leadership model of Jesus. Often times all we need is clarity about what elements exist in His way of doing leadership.

In it’s simplest form the Leadership Journey of Jesus embraced the following path:

Awareness: Jesus understood His role and Position. He understood who God was and what He was trying to accomplish. He had clarity of God’s will for Him and intentionality of focus in living it out.

Alignment: Jesus committed Himself to submission and alignment to God’s will alone. Even unto ultimate sacrifice.  Humility and servitude to the Father’s will were first and foremost in all decision making processes.

Perspective: Jesus had a clear perspective as a result of His submissive choices and alignment.  His battle plan and objectives were clear and mapped out. If there were ever a lack of clarity, He would realign with the Father for a new infusion of the Heavenly perspective.

Relationship: Jesus centered all of His ministry efforts on relationship building not ministry building. Leadership development, personal investment, friendship, tough love and relational investment were the cornerstones of His ministry. He cared more about empowering others than being a person of power.

Transfer: Jesus intentionally transfered everything that others needed from Himself to them, with intentionality. Because of His deep relationships with others, He had insight and permission to speak into their specific needs, strengths and weaknesses and transfer to them a personalized ministry vision and leadership development track that only they could accomplish.

Support: Jesus knew how to empower others, stretch them beyond their self imposed limitations and support them from a place of genuine love and care. Even in the midst of failure and lack of focus, Jesus found a way to nurture His followers. Nurture, care and concern had it’s purposed affect because it was completely genuine and honest.

Reward: Jesus was willing and purposeful to reward and honor those who he nurtured and those who sought to align with Him. However, whatever reward they, and we have experienced so far, is a far cry from the eternal reward He has promised to the faithful.

Not only is this the pattern that Jesus demonstrated in His own walk, but this is also the pattern that He transferred to His followers as a way of being and doing in their own ministry and lives.

In what ways can you recognize this pattern of leadership development in your own Journey with Jesus? How are you living out this way of life now? How are you doing at intentionally transferring it to your followers?

About Ken McGarity

With vast experience as a successful entrepreneur and active in ministry leadership for many years, Ken McGarity is most recently engaged as a Church Growth Consultant and Strategist, as well as Christian Leadership Coach to today’s up and coming Christian leaders.

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