Who Said Christmas Has to Be Over?

Wow, the Christmas Season came and went for 2011 and now we are on the other side of celebration of our dear Savior’s birth. Or should I say the “official” celebration. I am quite convinced that Jesus himself would be pleased to see us continue on with such a grand celebration with every new day of the upcoming year.

I wonder what a difference we could make if we could have a Jesus Celebration Blowout attitude these coming days of the new year.

Here is a good experiment. Let’s take our typical Christmas rhetoric and jargon that we are used to communicating from Thanksgiving until Christmas and see what happens if we trade the word Christ for Christmas. Lets try these on for size.

  • So have you guys got big plans for Christmas this year?
  • Are you going out of town for Christmas this year?
  • Do you know what the kids want for Christmas this year?
  • How much money can we afford for Christmas this year?
  • I really hope we can spend time with both sides of the family for Christmas this year.
  • Which church service are you going to attend for Christmas this year?
  • How many Christmas Cards are we going to send out this year?
  • Man I love to hear these Christmas songs.
  • There is just something about Christmas that brings families together.
  • How soon should we put out our Christmas decorations? I just love the way it makes our home so festive.
  • Christmas time really makes me think about the important things in life.
  • I wonder what I should give to the people I love for Christmas?
  • It seems like I always go out of my way to call my loved ones for Christmas.

Don’t you see how this list could go on and on. What if we spent as much energy on Christ from January thru November as we spend on Christmas in December. What if as much money was spent, as much attention was given, as many movies were made, as many friends were invited to church?

Christmas isn’t over until you say it is over in your own life. What can we do to keep the Christmas season alive in our hearts and more importantly, our actions for 2012?


About Ken McGarity

With vast experience as a successful entrepreneur and active in ministry leadership for many years, Ken McGarity is most recently engaged as a Church Growth Consultant and Strategist, as well as Christian Leadership Coach to today’s up and coming Christian leaders.

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