Simple Steps to Organize Your Week

What a Great Idea !

In an earlier post we talked about the inportance of maintaining a simple to-do list for organizing the tasks of the day. In part 2 it is now time to expand on that idea a little bit and actually create a systematic approach to your week.

Considering that you only have a limited amount of time to get your work done. We can take a “fill in the blank” approach to the work week to ensure that we are getting the maximum impact out of our schedule. Start by pretending your work week is currently empty and unscheduled. You have 40 empty hours to start with for example. Now start to fill in the blanks and intentionally decide what work should get done when.

Get out a sheet of paper and plan your “normal” week out by the day. Divide the day into two halves, before lunch and after lunch. So you basically make a simple grid. You use this for generalities and not tasks. Big picture goals and not the details.


    • Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
      Task 1
      Task 2
      Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch
      Task 3
      Task 4


      • Think first in terms of deadlines that you have to meet.
      • Think secondly of consistent things that you have to do every single week.
      • Think thirdly in terms of deadlines that others have to meet to get you the things you need to meet your own deadlines. If you need something by Wednesday to get your thing done by Thursday then write that down and be sure to make it known to others.
      • Think in terms of reality.
        • Example: First thing Monday morning may not be a great time to schedule your most mind bending tasks.
        • Example: Be real about how much time you need to pull something off. Try not to overshoot or undershoot your best guess.
        • Example: This needs to be a game-plan you feel like you could stick with over the long haul. Distractions like new projects and events will come along the way of course, but this process is simply trying to map out a strategic way to tackle any given normal week.

A little intentionality can go a very long way to giving you control over your work environment. It is much more productive than having your work environment have control over you.

I hope you find these simple steps to be helpful. It isn’t rocket science, but often times a little change can have a huge impact.

What system or method do you use to get things done in your world?


About Ken McGarity

With vast experience as a successful entrepreneur and active in ministry leadership for many years, Ken McGarity is most recently engaged as a Church Growth Consultant and Strategist, as well as Christian Leadership Coach to today’s up and coming Christian leaders.

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