Some Kind Words, Testimonials and Endorsements:

“Ken McGarity’s coaching ignites, fuels, and challenges leaders to think with intention. I personally felt Ken’s coaching was more than a business agreement, it was a friendship and intentional support system. Ken’s coaching encouraged me during a very fragile time, and challenged me to sharpen my ability to think intentionally. I highly recommend Ken’s coaching and consulting to anyone who needs the extra push, encouragement, strategy, and accountability. His gift is one of a kind.”

Terence B. Lester
Senior Pastor
Author, Speaker, Philanthropist, Innovator

Ken is a friend and co-laborer in the gospel ministry. He has a passion for ministry and seeing others be successful in ministry. He is a wise counselor and faithful friend to pastors and church planters. I recommend him highly.

Jim Akins
Senior Pastor
GracePointe Marietta

Ken and I recently worked together in a fast growing church plant. With his help we were able to implement a new ministry dashboard and an effective spiritual growth process that included; spiritual decisions, assimilation, small groups, and volunteer systems. I don’t know what I would have done without him. If you need to close the backdoor…call him now!

David Putman
Author of Detox for the Overly Religious,
Breaking the Discipleship Code
and co-author of Breaking the Missional Code

I got to know Ken about [2 years]  ago and was immediately impressed with his servant attitude and Kingdom mindset.  He has come along side LAUNCH Network and has been a valuable asset in helping not only assess church planters but also work with them to develop customized growth plans that are helping them develop as spiritual leaders.  He has been a huge help to our organization.

Mac Lake
Chief Launch Officer
Launch Network

Ken has a passion for the local church.  I have seen God use that passion in a very powerful way with our staff and leadership at Elevate Christian Church.  We were able to move from a church that wanted to do great things for God into a church that is doing great things for God.

Kevin Barton
Lead Minister
Elevate Christian Church

During the time that Ken and I have been partnering together I have sensed a tremendous refocusing within myself and he has helped me bring more clarity to my leadership and the ministry of our church. He has enabled me to make very slight adjustments which are paying great dividends in efficiency and a more powerful impact for God’s kingdom work.  I believe that growing God’s kingdom is at the heart of all he desires to do for local churches and Christian leaders and that has shown through. I can sense and see that God is using him in my life, and by extension the life of our church, to help change people for Christ by changing the way I lead others.  I cannot thank him enough.

Mike Faulkner
Lead Pastor
North View Baptist Church

Ken is a valuable asset to your ministry. If you’re just starting out in a ministry He gets you out of the gate on the right foot. If you’re in an established ministry, Ken will help you straighten your stride out and improve what you’re already doing.

Chris Dove
Children’s Minister
Capital City Christian Church

The time spent with Ken was very beneficial to me. He took the time to listen and provide valuable imput about our ministry and ministry systems. He also was able to help me and the Church in areas where we were weak in, whether that was in our systems or technology. He  will be a great partner and friend for any ministry.

Josh Laxton
Lead Pastor
Life Point Church

Ken has a God given gift and wisdom to take a look in from the outside and “Understand” what is functioning and what is causing you to spin your wheels. Keep your pen and paper handy because you will not want to miss the inevitable “Write it  Down Moment” when Ken swings his bat and hits it out of the park!

Ray Peppers
Ministry Leader
GracePoint Church – Paulding

I have known Ken for a little over a year now and I can confidently say that he is a well qualified leader and gifted strategist. Ken has sat in on a number of our staff meetings and has contributed some excellent ideas as well as made some keen observation about our ministry and staff. I have also gotten to know Ken and his family personally and I know from firsthand experience that he is a man of God and a loving father and husband. I would recommend Ken to any church needing strategic coaching and consulting.

Brian Brunke
Director of Groups Ministry
West Ridge Church
West Paulding Campus

Ken McGarity has not only been a good friend through the years but someone who I frequently seek out when I need advice with my ministry as well as my personal life. Even though I’ve had over 20 years of experience in ministry I still trust Ken to give me some fresh perspective. Sometimes I’m so close to the forest that I can’t see the trees. Ken’s approach is based not only on his vast knowledge and experience in ministry but I can trust that his advice, guidance and accountability are truly lead of the Holy Spirit. He is certainly using the gifts that God has given him to come along side to coach me in areas that help me to minister more effectively. I cherish his Godly leadership and wisdom.

Gary Marshall
Campus Pastor
East Paulding High School
First Priority Ministries

Ken was a great asset to our church.  He helped us to come up with personalized assimilation processes for our church and to come up with systems for data tracking that were personalized to our current and future needs.  He has a unique way of seeing the big picture and making sense out of difficult processes.

Jennifer Ozment
Former Growth Ministries Lead
New Season Church

Church planting is the X-factor of ministry. Frankly, I wasn’t prepared for it to the extent I thought I was. Enter Ken McGarity. During a time period where our church could have flourished or closed the doors, Ken was the difference. HIs wisdom, insight, and encouragement helped us to turn the corner and impact our community. Without hesitation, I can assure you Ken’s Coaching would benefit any organizations leadership.

Adam Ragsdale
Vision Pastor
North Glencoe Baptist Church

It was so helpful to have Ken McGarity serve with the spiritual formation team at our local church.  From developing church ministry systems to actively engaging in system action steps, I learned a lot about making ideas happen.

P.J. Simmons
Staff Member
Do Good

Need more references? No problem.

Give me a call at 404-941-5867 and I will get you in touch with a Leader who has benefited from partnering with me.


About Ken McGarity

With vast experience as a successful entrepreneur and active in ministry leadership for many years, Ken McGarity is most recently engaged as a Church Growth Consultant and Strategist, as well as Christian Leadership Coach to today’s up and coming Christian leaders.
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